The Guardian - Press advertising

A selection of press ads for the Guardian. Click the image to view them full-screen.

Guardian Jobs - Colours
Guardian Jobs - Emergency Exit
Guardian - G2 Teenage issue
Sofa Cinema - Kill Bill
Guardian Soulmates - Marmite
The Guardian - Ashes
Guardian Jobs - 'Machine'
Guardian Jobs - 'Machine Email'
Guardian Jobs - Fresh Jobs
The Guardian - Food & Wine magazine
The Guardian Glastonbury Fanzine
The Guardian - Origami Guide
The Guardian - Food Directory
The Guardian _ Science Series
Guardian Soulmates - Cinema
Guardian Soulmates - Cafe
Guardian Soulmates - Seaside
The Guardian - Maradona Interview
Guardian Media supplement
The Guardian - Chemical World

The Guardian and Observer - Art direction

A selection of invitation designs and direct marketing for the Guardian and the Observer. Click the image to view the gallery full-screen.

The Observer Ethical Awards
The Guardian Editor's Summer Party
The Observer Hodge Awards
The Guardian Student Media Awards
The Guardian Student Media Awards
The Hodge Photographic Awards
The Guardian Arts Party
The Guardian graduate calendar
The Guardian Student Media Awards

Zone - Words & Pictures

Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 0:17 min

Animator: Mac Premo