Unicef - There

A 2014 pitch for Unicef in which we developed a new brand positioning that could deliver them a unique point of view across all their campaigns and digital channels. The work was based on the simple USP that unlike any other aid agencies, Unicef operates on the ground in every country. They are therefore uniquely positioned to understand that country and deliver the right support. Put simply, they are actually 'there' for children when they are needed. We brought these ideas of local insight and presence to life across multiple channels - showing how this position could underpin all their content and communications. In the end no agency was appointed. 


Interactive tube poster showing location and social media updates from volunteers across the world.

Google Streetview interactive overlay.

Google Streetview interactive overlay.

Example press executions.

Donation page that localises the gift based on where the donation will be used.

Donation page thankyou.

A series of children's books using stories specific to different countries folklore and culture.