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Tesco - Twitter

Q. What do you get if you cross a supermarket, a Twitter channel and a brave client with consistently great content planning and creative execution across two years? A. 264,000,000 impressions, 1.6m engagements, 250,000 new followers and acres of press coverage across everyone from Metro to Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed to City AM.

Combining real time relevance, a strong product focus, plenty of humour and - at key times - a completely agile newsroom, Tesco Twitter is the benchmark for how to engage on social with an audience. With individual tweets getting upwards of 22k retweets - the attention and the awards also arrived - with Suky Stroud winning Community Manager of the Year at the Drum Social Media Buzz Awards and Brand Republic Digital Awards. (NB. Tesco Twitter is no longer run by Zone).

A case-study for the award-winning Tesco Twitter channel.