Prostate Cancer UK - Keeping friendships alive

Prostate Cancer UK came to us with a challenge: how could they give their Men United initiative momentum and meaning and encourage sign-up and ongoing engagement with men? Driven by our insight that that men in our target age group (45-64) tended to lose contact with their friends as they got older, we created a new brand platform to underpin all their content and communications: Keeping Friendships Alive. Launching with an integrated campaign that drove over 250,000 sign-ups on the website, the brand platform became the foundation for their content, CRM and events strategy, driving emotional, entertaining and engaging stories around the strength of male bonds and giving men more opportunities to spend quality time together doing the things they loved. 

The 60-second TV commercial.

'Keep letting them win' - 20-second TV commercial.

'Keep saying what you think' - 20-second TV commercial.

Campaign landing page.

The Men United monthly email sign-up page.


The campaign resulted in over 250,000 sign-ups to Men United.

Engagement with the Men United Monthly email led to a 55% open rate and 15% click-through rate.

Participation in fundraising events rose across the subsequent year with a total of £24.1 million raised.