The Nutcracker Suite

Prostate Cancer UK - The Nutcracker Suite

In 2013 Prostate Cancer UK launched their sledgehammer fund - a fundraising drive fronted by Bill Bailey to raise money to help ‘crack’ prostate cancer - a cancer in an organ that is the size of a walnut. We used digital to extend the campaign and drive engagement, donations and PR creating a digital experiential event where 10,000 walnuts would be smashed live online when people donated. We hired a space in London, kitted it out, got businesses and celebrities on board to help launch it and live-streamed the whole event on the PCUK website.

A specially designed digital donation journey resulted in your nut being smashed and turned the fundamentally boring act of donating money into an engaging experience.


10,000 nuts were smashed raising over £50,000. The activity was covered across multiple sites and media outlets generating £1000s of pounds worth of publicity. The campaign was nominated for a DADI Award in 2013.